HOW we work

CMR is a third-party debt collection company that accepts accounts on assignment for collection. There are no setup fees or out-of-pocket costs and our clients pay nothing until we collect their debts.


We use collection efforts and techniques consistent with State and Federal laws. We employ reasonable and ethical methods that have been proven over time to be effective.


We understand that each client is unique. We understand the industries we collect on behalf of and customize our collection services to best meet the needs of our clients. We are dedicated to partnering with you to maximize recovery on your past due accounts; treating your customers with dignity and respect and protecting and maintaining your good will.


Every account assigned is reviewed by a staff member to make sure that it is managed using our resources in the best possible way. We use modern technology to locate consumers and their available assets. Our collection professionals work your accounts using their expertise in the most effective manner for each situation, including collection notices and follow up with phone calls.


All assigned accounts that are appropriate for credit reporting are reported to national credit bureaus.


We litigate all types of debt when and if it is determined cost effective and necessary to the collection of the debt and use all reasonable civil processes to enforce collection of a judgment.

You pay nothing until we collect!

No setup fees or out of pocket costs!


Collectibles Management Resources, Inc.

1805 N. Fine Avenue, Suite 105

Fresno, CA 93727

California Debt Collector License Number 10473-99

P.O. Box 8438

Fresno, CA 93747

P. (559) 454 – 8900

P. (800) 845 – 8457

F. (559) 454 8691